ACTI offers precision roll to roll slitting in various widths. We have the capacity to slit in widths from 1/4″ to a maximum of 64″. We have score, crush and shear knife capacities within our plant. Our packaging line can box, bag, “L-bar” seal, or “heat shrink” a sleeve on a roll as required. We have short lead times and can process orders of any size at a competitive price.

These tapes may be converted on standard 3″ cores as well as 1.5″, 1″ and 6″ cores.

ACTI also offers roll to sheet conversion, and roll to spool or level wound conversion. We can score or perforate the tape in sheet form, in either or both directions. When laminated to another substrate you may create a product that was previously unavailable or required significant additional handling and expense.

In the past, we have designed narrow web lamination equipment for our customers’ specific production applications and supplied the adhesive tape to make the system work. We now have added wide and narrow web lamination capability to complement our sheet form converting capability.

ACTI develops the product or the process for a broad range of permanent and temporary bonding requirements.

  • We develop processes for manufacturing unique adhesive products.
  • We manufacture short runs economically or large runs as your business needs grow.
  • We supply adhesive tapes for industrial, commercial, and retail applications.
  • We manufacture supported single and double coated adhesive tapes and unsupported adhesive transfer tapes.
  • We convert to rolls, sheets or spools in various custom widths and lengths.
  • We pattern coat, slit, and perforate.
  • All our work is customized specifically for you the customer.


At Advanced Converting Technologies we help to solve our customer’s needs. We can develop the product or the process for a broad range of permanent and temporary bonding requirements.