ACTI specializes in solving our customers’ adhesion needs with tape solutions. This involves both product design and/or process design to develop the right product for their application.

ACTI coats both solvent or water based adhesives in coating thicknesses up to 6 mils per pass. We can coat on substrates from .5 mils to 1⁄4”.

From jumbo up to 64” wide, ACTI can slit down to as thin as 1/8”. We have lathe, duplex and duplex with tensioning, and minimum gap slitting capability. We convert adhesive tape to rolls, sheets, or level wound spools, and slit or perforate to customer’s requirements.

We specialize in PSA water and solvent based Acrylic adhesive systems, as well as Rubber based adhesives.

Though results and performance can vary based on the chemistry of the adhesive, the key performance variable relates to temperature, sunlight, and water. Acrylic has a broader temperature performance range, approximately -20 degrees F to +180 degrees F. Rubber based adhesives perform well in a range approximately 0 degrees F to +150 degrees F. And Acrylic should be used wherever sunlight or water may find their way to the adhesive. Acrylics are resistant to attack by water and by sunlight unlike rubber based adhesives which deteriorate in their presence. Acrylic adhesives show no deterioration in normal use; whereas rubber adhesives may oxidize, becoming brittle, drying, cracking and giving up adhesion.

Rubber based adhesives bond virtually instantly. Acrylics may take from 3 seconds to 72 hours to achieve total bond. This time lag for Acrylic may be a benefit, allowing adhesive to adhesive or adhesive to substrate repositionability. Once the acrylic adhesive has set, there appears to be no significant performance difference except over time and in extremes of heat, as noted above.

ACTI manufactures rubber and acrylic transfer adhesives in supported and unsupported forms. Additionally, we manufacture an unsupported differential transfer adhesive with total conformability to bond any two substrates together. Our transfer adhesives are used to bond many different substrates together such as rubber and vinyl to aluminum and steel.

Our single coated tapes are used in sealing, sound deadening and squeak reduction, and dunning applications.

Two sided supported films are in high demand. The carrier may be any substrate from foam to plastic to paper.

The call for differential adhesive system is infrequent. However, we have mastered the ability to apply differential adhesives in dual pass or single pass (using our unique double headed coater) on supported tapes. We have also developed a technique for manufacturing an unsupported differential adhesive system with the added benefit of total conformability.

Utilizing our unique double headed coater, we have developed a process for a patent holder to manufacture and convert a multilayered product. This product uses a traditional adhesive coating and our in-house developed liner mated to the adhesive and to the surface coat of the product.