Introducing Poster Tape

People know about Cork Board, Thumb Tacks, Magnet Holders and Masking Tape but why doesn’t anyone ask for Poster Tape?

Have you ever wanted to mount the picture of a child or of a pet or loved one on a painted wall, but, you didn’t want to pull the paint off, or leave nail holes on the wall? So, you taped the picture onto the fridge. And then when you went to remove it the tape wouldn’t come off, or it left hard to remove adhesive residue. Frustrated?

Not anymore! We’ve made the tape for you. It’s a double coated foam tape with removable adhesive on both sides. It will stick to the wall and to the picture, and hold until you are ready to remove it. And then it comes off residue free. The tape is perforated in approximately 2” tabs for ease of use. It’s in use today at schools and university.

Think you’d like to try it? Contact Baldwin School Supply.