What’s ‘Measure-It!’ Tape?

Everyone has seen and probably used a retractable measuring tape. And they have probably been frustrated by the need for a 3rd hand to mark a spot for a nail or stud, while holding up both ends of the tape. And what happens when the end is more than a couple of feet beyond your reach?

‘Measure-It! is the answer. It is a printed paper tape, with a removable adhesive. It comes in an imperial version as well as metric proving it to be very interesting. Converting roll to roll, wide web, liner less, adhesive backed, printed paper was a challenge as paper widths changed as humidity levels varied form hour to hour and season to season. The finished product was 1” wide and 10 meters long or 32’ and 48’ depending on metric or imperial measurement requirements. Product was rolled on 1 ½” or 3” cores. Eight-foot samples were converted on 1” cores.